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Tramadol vs Other Painkillers

Tramadol vs. over-the-counters:

Compared to Tylenol, Aspirin, and all forms of ibuprofen, Tramadol is simply much stronger. For general pain, it dulls much better. More discomfort and muscle pain, Tramadol is able to relax the body and make it all go away.

Tramadol vs. Codeine:

Tramadol is actually replacing codeine in many drugs. Tramadol's effects are consistent, guided, better. Codeine is erratic, and new studies suggest it is only good at treating nausea.

Tramadol vs. Vicodin:

While very good for pain relief, about the same as Tramadol in fact, Vicodin is extremely addictive and dangerous. People tend to hate the side effects more than they appreciate the pain relief! Side effects are fairly common and severe, whereas, of all Tramadol users in clinical studies, only 17% experienced even the most common side effect at all!

Medicine's #1 Painkiller

Among the moderate to moderately severe painkiller category, Tramadol is the all-around best.
Tramadol, like the brands Ultram and Tramal, is a centrally acting painkiller. The active ingredient, tramadol hydrochloride, acts on the brain to remove pain more reliably and safely than any other opioid analgesic, including Morphine, Vicodin, and Codeine. Since Grunenthal GmbH created Tramadol in the late '70s, it has grown in popularity and use, largely replacing its competitors.
Tramadol is so effective and safe because it is a synthetic opioid drug. It affects the μ-opioid receptor, releasing serotonin and inhibiting norepinephrine reuptake. Because of these properties, Tramadol is also great for treating other conditions aside from pain:

  • Neuralgia
  • Migraines
  • Depression
  • Back trouble
  • Sexual dysfunction
  • And many many more!